Effective Communications

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The simple fact is that if you cannot communicate effectively, it is unlikely that you will be successful in any endeavor. Ouch! That stings; doesn’t?

Not everyone likes to talk to people, even fewer enjoy writing – blogs and social media platforms notwithstanding. You might be saying, “Oh, I can talk to my friends. I talk to my Mom on the phone every night. I talk to my kids and my spouse. I talk to people all the time.” But think about what you just said – you talk “to” them. Do you talk “with” them?

Have you ever been in a conversation where suddenly you realized that no one was listening to you? Or a time when your mind wandered off for a moment or two, and when you returned to reality, you had no idea what anyone was talking about?women-communicating

Somewhere along the way, there was obviously a disconnect. What happened between the time the conversation started and the time you lost track of what was being said?

Effective communications are the foundation of any successful venture, be it business, personal, or service to your community. If you want your business to thrive, you must be able to get your message across to your target market in a clear and concise way; otherwise, you stand a chance of losing customers and clients.

Communicating effectively with friends, family and colleagues is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships and preventing misunderstandings. Your words can easily be misunderstood unless you think before you speak.

There are many worthwhile causes and giving your time to one or more of them is a good way to become involved with people who deserve your time and your help. But it is important to remember that you must be clear about how much of yourself you are willing and able to share. Communicating what you can and will do, versus what you can’t and won’t will put you on the right path from the beginning will start your contribution off on the right foot.


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